Failed Septic

Failed Septic

Failed Septic System Experts


Here is the bad news. A failing (or failed) septic system is a headache. Now, here is the good news. American On Site knows how to handle a failed septic system. From diagnosing to fixing your septic system and getting it back up and running, we can help you. A failed septic system is basically a septic system that can no longer distribute the wastewater. Here are some signs that you have a failed septic system:


  • Water from toilets, drains, or sinks are backing up or not flushing.
  • Your plumbing system is making a strange gurgling noise.
  • There may be standing water or damp areas in your septic system drain field.
  • Bad odors might be coming from your septic tank.
  • Bright green or spongy grass over your septic drain field even in dry weather.


If you have a suspicion that your septic system might be failing, we have the team and experience to help!

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