5 Common Septic Problems & Solutions

Your septic tank is crucial to keeping your home waste management work properly because it collects and breaks down domestic waste. You probably take it for granted because it is a component that is important and often overlooked.

If something goes wrong with your septic tank, as it sometimes does, you can be left with a lot of headaches. Fortunately, the most common septic tank problem can be easily identified and resolved.

We’ve put together a guide that explains some common septic tank problems and ways to fix them

Following are Septic Tank Problems & Solution

Ground Movement

The ground shifting could also damage your septic system – however slight it might be. There can be a significant amount of pressure applied to a tank by imperceptible septic pumping Wilsonville, even causing cracks and fractures in its walls.


If the ground moves a little bit, the worst that can happen is that nothing will happen. Backups are likely to occur more often when there’s little damage. The maintenance of your septic will need to be updated, and more often, emptying must occur.

Groundwater can seep through cracks in walls in the worst-case scenario. If this happens, you won’t be able to separate liquid from solid waste. It may have to be replaced.


Soakaway and Septic Tank Damage

A soakaway or drain field connects every septic tank. During the sewage treatment process, the addition is designed to provide an area where wastewater can leach into. If this drainage system is damaged, water will leak into your external areas to the point where it becomes saturated, as well as backing up into your septic tank and blocking it.


You should never park heavy vehicles on top of your soakaway or septic tank, and you should monitor for increased motion in the ground, prevent tree roots from encroaching on the tank, and get a septic tank inspection if you experience unpleasant odors. 


Lack of Maintenance

The failure to have your septic tank pumped and maintained on a regular basis can lead to many problems, including backups and clogs. It is possible that you will notice solid wastes coming out or root infiltration around your home or may notice solid wastes coming out or roots infiltrating.


It is pretty straightforward: you need to adhere to the proper and regular maintenance of your septic system’s procedures. Pumping a septic tank every three to five years is typical. 

Inspections of certain types of septic systems should be performed more frequently. Professionals are the only ones who can perform a thorough job.



To ensure that your septic system functions as it should, you must maintain it regularly. Our solid septic system installation Wilsonville inspection and maintenance services are designed to reduce the risk of a sewage system breakdown and provide you with the required services.

To schedule a visit to your property, call American On Site Spetic at (503) 822-7533 to speak to a member for any further advice.



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