6 Tips on Saving Money With Your Septic Tank

Septic systems work over time and have the habit of filling up with inorganic material if you are not looking after the septic system properly

Taking a small amount of care can significantly reduce the risk of spending more bucks than you may need by reducing the frequency of septic tank emptying.

Ideally, it would be best if you did not have your septic tank emptied more than once every four to five years. Many customers report even longer periods between empties. The whole point is this if you will not show the septic tank maintenance and treat it with attention, you may have to pump out much more frequently. 

There are many reasons why the septic tank may need emptying and pumping out more often. Typically, flushing the wrong things may lead to sludge and scum building up in the tank, filling up with the contaminant materials more quickly. 

Blocked pipes, too, can be the result of improper tank maintenance. Flushing the chemicals and non-biodegradable waste may damage the soakaways; even that can cause your drain field to flood. If this is the case, you must get the tank emptied, and your soakaways drain pressure washed so the system does not fail and later becomes a public health problem. 

How much would it cost to empty a Septic Tank?

The average cost of septic tank repair may vary. If that is an emergency call out, or you may need additional cleaning services or soakaway pressure washing, you may expect to pay more. However, many factors bump the price up that you may not have any control over. 

The size of the septic tank will dictate how long the septic tank emptying job is likely to take. The biggest tanks may likely take a few hours to empty safely, meaning you are essentially paying for the expertise and labor time.

To manage the septic system and spend money on that bill only once or twice in ten years instead of once or twice a year. Therefore you need to ensure that you are running the system efficiently to keep emptying costs low. 

Reducing the need for septic tank emptying is very simple, which takes practice and a few good habits. 

6 Tips to reduce the cost of Septic Tank Maintenance

Here are six great tips for saving money on the septic tank emptying and keeping the septic system healthy and efficient for the months and years ahead. 

Get on a schedule

Do not wait for the problem to get the septic system serviced. Get it serviced regular basis. According to the environmental protection agency, you must have the septic tank pumped and serviced every three to five years. 

Pay attention to the signs of trouble.

If you have not kept any records or been on a regular schedule with the septic system, or moving into a new home and do not know the septic system condition, pay attention to the signs of the trouble.

Keep the septic system clear.

Keep shrubs, plants, trees, or buildings away from the septic system. Do not build over the septic tank. The weight can cause cracks and make the tank inaccessible to septic professionals.

Ensure that the septic tank cover has easy access

For instance, the septic tank hole cover is not accessible or buried. In such cases, that may require extra time and tools for the septic professionals to find and access the septic tank when servicing or pumping it. 

Investing in installing the extension or riser of the septic tank might be worth it. If the septic tank cover is hard to access, the cost of installing an extension or riser will be worth the savings of any future visits from the Septic company.

Conserve water

If you do not want to flush certain items, you also do not want to flood the system with too much water. Too much water at one time does not allow enough time to separate solids and liquids.

Keep the balance of the bacteria, liquids, and solids in the tank. The more you conserve the water, the less often you may need to service the septic system. 

When in Doubt, reach out to an expert

Have an expert clear any clogs instead of using harsh chemicals. It may seem easier and cheaper to do it yourself using a store-bought chemical, but it will cost you more money if done incorrectly. Chemicals rarely work very well, requiring an expert to come to fix the mistakes you’ve created. Harsh chemicals can weaken the pipes and cause bacterial imbalance in the septic tank. All these would be costly repairs. 

Saving money on septic services means calling the experts first and not handling the repairs yourself. 


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