Are All Toilet Tissues Septic Tank Safe?

Choosing the right tissue is crucial for maintaining your septic tank. Septic-safe toilet paper is designed to dissolve quickly and thoroughly to prevent plumbing issues. Paper and tissues can accumulate when not broken down, resulting in messy and costly clogging.


Aside from being safe for your septic system installation in Sherwood, you also want toilet paper that is ultra-soft, strong, and pleasant to use. Take a look at the qualities you should seek in the best tissue paper for septic tanks and learn more about how-to-use tissues for a clog-free system.


Biodegradable paper: Due to the fact that all toilet tissues will eventually dissolve in water, most homeowners assume all toilet paper is the same. But that’s not true.


Some toilet papers dissolve much faster than others. In case you need to flush tissues in your septic tanks then biodegradable toilet paper is a great option since it quickly dissolves in water.


Recycled Bath Tissue: There are certain brands of tissues that are made of recycled materials. The toilet tissue with less chemicals damages your septic tank by destroying its natural bacterial levels (like bleach and chlorine).


Paper with short fibers breaks up easily in your septic tank. Once flushed, they break apart quickly, so your septic tank is less likely to be clogged by recycled toilet paper.


Septic-friendly toilet paper: There are toilet papers manufactured specifically for septic design in Sherwood homes. These tissues are intended to disintegrate faster in water than the others.


They are often referred to as ‘Septic Safe Toilet Paper’, and such papers are usually labeled accordingly. But first, try the toilet paper and check if it lives up to the claims on its packaging. 

How to Use Tissues to Avoid Clogging?


Less is better

Toilets clog when they are flushed with too many toilet tissues. Do not overload your system with paper. Use only as much paper as you need to avoid causing a clog. You can pre-portion out a reasonable amount of paper or purchase some moistened and flushable wipes for your toilet


White is right!

The only tissue or toilet paper you should use is white. Colored toilet paper contains chlorine dioxide, which makes them hard to dissolve or break down.


Flush only Flushable items

Facial tissues, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, and bandage wrappers should never be disposed of in the toilet. Most facial tissues cannot decompose safely in septic systems, while septic-safe tissue breaks down easily.


Check for labels

You shouldn’t  choose the cheapest or most eco-friendly paper unless the paper states “Dissolves Fast”. Several types of tissue paper use chlorine dioxide as an additive like mentioned above, which can affect the septic tank’s performance.


Avoid thick material

You have probably read that too much toilet paper can clog your toilet. However, if you choose toilet paper that is too thick, it may not dissolve well and end up getting stuck in your pipes and ultimately clogging them.


If you are looking to minimize the maintenance cost of your Septic System, try investing in a septic-safe toilet paper or tissue.

Furthermore, to keep your septic tank and plumbing in good condition, you should minimize toilet paper usage even after finding the best toilet paper for your septic system.

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