Emergency Preparedness: Handling Winter Septic Tank Problems

Cold temperatures in winter pose a real threat to both residential and commercial septic systems in Molalla and Newberg. During this freezing weather, several issues may arise, impairing the water treatment system. From the compacted ground down to the freezing tank and pipes, these can cause major damage to your septic systems in Sherwood.

To help you out, this blog post explores some common septic system winter problems and helpful tips on how to deal with them:

Signs of Winter Septic Tank Problems

1. Frozen Septic Tanks and Pipes

During the colder weather, frozen tanks and pipes are the most evident problem for septic systems in Wilsonville, especially after the first snow. When the components of a septic system freeze in Newberg, it delays or halts natural bacteria from breaking down waste in the tank. If the wastewater isn’t sufficiently broken down, the system pumping tank can overflow and cause clogging. In addition to that, frozen lines and ruptures also pose a significant health hazard to the residents.

Tips on avoiding it

It can easily be avoided by:

  • Setting up a cover on your Oregon septic tank in winter to insulate it, particularly at night. You can also simply cover it with a blanket.
  • Applying a mulch, leaves, or plant cover on your septic pipes in Molalla.
  • Using your Bennett septic pumping tank daily can also reduce the possibility of freezing.
  • Avoid trimming grass in the surrounding soil treatment area by mid-September or so. The extra grass length can trap the snow, providing insulation over the drain field.

2. Snow and Soil Pressure

Be careful where you park your vehicle during winter, as it can cause compacted soil and snow. Ensure that no heavy structures are above or around the area where the Clinkscales septic pumping system is installed, as it can reduce the insulation of your septic system. Furthermore, it can also build pressure and solidify the septic tanks in Sherwood and impede the proper treatment and drainage of sewage and wastewater in the draining fields.

Tips on avoiding it

To prevent this, aerate the soil around your septic pumping system in Newberg before the freezing weather arrives.

3. Breach in Water Pipes

Tattered pipes with leakage, blocks, and clogging can lead to inadequate drainage and preventable damage to the area around the septic system.

Leakage during cold weather can also increase the chances of freezing, further weakening the unit. Clogs can cause the wastewater to accumulate in the pipes, and frozen drainage can end up causing damage to the overall septic tank in Molalla, which can also contaminate the drinking water.

Tips on avoiding it

These septic problems can be solved by replacing or fixing leaky pipes before the arrival of the colder season. Also, clogs and leaks should be taken care of as soon as they are spotted to avoid escalating these problems into severity.

4. Irregular Usage

Digesting organic waste by healthy anaerobic bacteria keeps the Wilsonville septic pumping tank warm. That is why irregular water use in a household during winter can affect the septic system.

Using warm water daily will also prevent the pipes from freezing, as septic tanks are more likely to freeze when they’re not used frequently. Septic tanks in unoccupied properties can’t sustain a constant temperature due to the low level of wastewater that flows through the system, which causes damage to the overall system.

Tips on avoiding it

Top septic service contractors in Sherwood suggest emptying your tank if you plan to go away during the holiday season. Before traveling, you should schedule a septic tank pumping with a reputed professional like American On-Site Septic to help keep the septic parts from freezing and bursting.

Tips for Minor Winter Septic Tank Problems

Some tips to prepare your Sherwood septic system for winter are,

  • Inspect the lid regularly to ensure there are no chips or cracks.
  • If you notice any troubles with your septic tank, don’t leave it to rot and call a septic professional.
  • Use water sustainably to avoid overworking your septic system in Wilsonville.
  • Spread mulch on the ground to insulate your septic system and avoid freezing.
  • Winterize your septic pumping tank by having your tank pumped before the first frost.
  • Schedule timely septic inspections, cleanings, repairs, and maintenance by credible professionals like American On-Site Septic.

DIY vs. Professional Septic Service

DIY solutions may seem cheaper than professional septic services in Sherwood and can be completed quickly. But, it’s crucial to consider that an expert will have far more experience in understanding the nuances of septic system maintenance and ensuring the job is done correctly.

Septic professionals in Wilsonville can also complete the job faster and more efficiently due to familiarity with the procedure. Moreover, they also have access to specific tools and equipment that could simplify the whole process.

Final Takeaway

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to septic pumping tanks in Molalla and Newberg, proper care and maintenance during winter can help prevent costly repairs down the line and keep your loved ones safe from potentially hazardous waste.

At American On-Site Septic, we work to ensure that when a customer calls, we have the necessary experience and team to handle ALL of their septic needs in Wilsonville. From inspections to septic cleaning, pumping, or installation – one call is all you need for curated septic solutions! Our expert team of professionals is licensed, bonded, and insured and maintains all the necessary documentation you need to hire a contractor.

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