List of Chemicals Harming Your Septic System

A chemical can be both good and bad in different circumstances. While certain chemicals are good for the functioning of the septic tank, some can be very harmful and disturb its working.
When owning a septic system, one must be careful of what chemicals they flush, as some of them can cause damage and corrupt the whole system.

Chemicals Harming Your Septic Tank

When you depend on a septic tank system for clean water, you might as well take care of it and be careful of what you flush into it.
Certain chemicals that can harm the septic tank include:


Never flush gasoline or directly pour it into the tank as it can cause serious damage by causing hindrance to the soil nutrients. Such an action will destroy the plants and prevent them from growing any further.


Flushing antibiotics is not a concern for residential places but hospitals where many antibiotics get flushed. What it does is it kills the beneficial bacteria that are necessary for cleansing the water, beating the whole purpose of having a septic system.


Phosphate is a commonly found component in cleaning products like laundry detergents. Consuming large amounts of phosphate can lead up to many diseases. So, it is wise not to flush such harmful chemicals down the drain.

Magnesium Sulphate

This chemical is mostly used in toilet bowl cleaners, also known as Epsom salt. Although small amounts don’t cause any trouble, when consumed in large amounts, they can cause serious diseases, including damage to the kidney.


The acceptable amount of chlorine used to disinfect is between 5-20mg. Anything above will kill the bacteria required to clean the water, compromising the whole treatment system. Also, large amounts of chlorine will cause the formation of chlorine gas that is very harmful to the human respiratory system, eyes, skin, and overall health.

Hydrochloric acid (HCL)

Hydrochloric acid is a chemical commonly used and suggested by many plumbers to treat clogged drains and sewage systems. It might work in some cases but do not forget that it is a very harmful chemical and produce its gas form. A wise option is to go for organic methods instead of using acids that could harm the health of anyone at home.


Pesticides are a combination of many harmful chemicals that, when flushed into the septic tank, will be mixed with soil and groundwater, which can cause a serious threat to your health by poisoning your body.

Illegal drug chemicals

Goes without saying, flushing any meth lab product, i.e., drugs, can be poisonous for many. Also, it is illegal and can pose a serious threat if caught.


Proper care must be taken to maintain a healthy and long-lasting septic system, including the dos and don’ts of handling a water treatment system. Flushing chemicals can harm the environment and the humans consuming the water treated by the septic system. So remember that a little care would make your septic system last longer.
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