Worried About Your Septic? 6 Signs That It Is Time to Empty Your Septic Tank

Septic failures are typically caused by waste flowing through the septic system. The wastewater begins in your septic tank and travels into your sewer line after passing through your lavatory and kitchen appliances. Furthermore, flushing solid materials down the toilet, such as baby wipes, and tissue paper, can damage your septic system.

Most septic problems can be avoided by regularly inspecting and maintaining the system. Inevitably, there will be problems. Having to deal with them can be very stressful.  An overflowing or full septic tank is one of those problems you will want to address immediately!  You should seek help from a professional septic service Molalla if you notice any of the following signs or feel something is wrong.  Keep an eye out for these signs:

What does a full Septic Tank Mean?

 Normal Level – In a nutshell, your septic tank has been filled to the level it was designed to. It is normal for a system to be emptied when a septic tank is pumped, but it will return to “full” after it is used. Waste and wastewater can easily flow into and out of the septic tank thanks to the intake and outtake valves.

Sludge accumulation: Those who own septic tanks often encounter this problem. Sludge can build up and become trapped over time. There will be no way to remove this sludge by itself. There will be no change in wastewater flow out to the drainage area.

Over-Filled Tank: There will come a point when the drainage field can no longer accept water and might need septic tank pumping in Molalla. Overflow tanks will overflow when this occurs. The water level will reach its maximum capacity.

Signs of a Full Septic Tank

“What’s that smell?“ Foul Odor in Home And Yard

There is a good chance you need septic tank services if you smell a foul odor from your drains, toilets, outside tank, or drain field. Gasses containing these odors can’t escape your septic tank when it fills to the top. You will smell sewage in your home or around your yard. Professional septic tank pumping is the only way to eliminate this smell when it occurs. Afterward, you will be able to breathe fresh air again.

Septic Backup in Drains

Sewage backup in your sinks, bathtubs, or basement is one of the most worrying signs of septic system failure. It is not advisable to clean up sewage backups caused by septic system failure yourself! The toxic nature of wastewater can cause harm to you and your family. You should contact your water company and a septic specialist for immediate relief.

Lush Green Grass Around Septic Tank

Septic tanks leak raw sewage into the ground and fail to drain properly because of leaks. A green lawn indicates a healthy and functioning septic system, but a watered lawn indicates a malfunctioning tank. There have been some rare reports of puddles of water appearing on homeowners’ properties.

Gurgling Sound While Drainage

There may be something you hear if you do not smell anything. While flushing a toilet or washing dishes, you will hear gurgling within the pipes when the septic is backed up. A blockage blocks the proper flow of air, resulting in this gurgling. Make sure your septic system is drained before any more unpleasant signs appear.

Drainage is Slow Than Normal

It may indicate that your septic system needs service if your home drains more slowly than normal, such as your shower, tub, or sink. It is normal for one or two drains to become clogged for various reasons and to drain more slowly than usual, but when all of your drains drain slowly, there is something wrong. Commercial-grade drain cleaners can damage septic systems.

Water Start Pooling at Yard

A puddle of standing water in the yard signifies that there hasn’t been much rain recently. Septic tank pumping may be required if there is standing water in the tank. An overflowing septic tank could be a sign of something more serious. The sooner you get in touch with a professional, the better.


Keeping on top of your septic system is relatively easy. Septic systems are environmentally friendly, saving you from paying local sewer charges that might normally appear on your tax bill. 

The septic tank will hold anything you flush down the drain, but not everything will benefit it. Avoid overloading the system with other contaminants by using septic-safe green cleaners and paper products. A septic pumping trip can also be beneficial, as most professional septic contractors will inspect the contents of your tank. At the same time, it’s being pumped, telling you how well it’s performing and how best to maintain it.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have seen any of the above signs or need septic system installation in Molalla. With the right equipment and qualified staff, American On-Site Septic can fix any problems you have with your septic tank. For more information about our services, please visit our website. 



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