10 Major Benefits You’ll Receive With a Clean Septic Tank?

Regular septic tank pumping is a crucial component of proper maintenance because if you fail to do so, it can cause major issues, which result in a costly, hazardous situation. It depends on the tank size, the number of occupants in the home, and how often you need the septic pumping. However, it would be best to pump the septic tank at least once every three to four years. 

Here are the benefits of septic tank pumping that every homeowner should know:

Avoid drain backup

Regular septic tank maintenance is the most suitable way to avoid unsightly drain backup. When drains start to back up, it is a warning sign that should not be neglected because there might be trouble with the septic system. You can immediately contact American on-site Septic Service for maintenance and other services related to septic pumping in Molalla.

Prevent water contamination

The Septic system keeps the waste in the tank, allowing effluent to float to the surface. The effluent is then hauled through the drain field and filtered before entering the groundwater. For the owners who get water from a well, neglecting the septic tank pumping can result in water contamination.

When the tank gets too concentrated, it can push the waste to the drain field and clog it up, so it can no longer filter properly. Though regular septic tank pumping removes the threat, you should still test well water every so often to ensure it is safe.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

The phrase “prevention is better than cure” is particularly true for the specific tanks. Septic tank pumping is a productive way to avoid costly repairs or premature replacement of one or more septic system components.

Protect the surrounding environment

If the sewage waste escapes from the septic tank and reaches nearby ponds or lakes, algal blooms can happen, which is toxic for humans and wildlife. The grass around the septic drain also signifies that sewage affects the environment. The field grows greener and faster than the rest of the lawn, which indicates that it is fertilizing the grass.

Also, watch for damp spots and standing water around the septic tank or drain field. The excessive grease and oil build-up primarily cause wet spots in the tank, which affects the water flow and pushes it up. The septic tank problems need to be fixed immediately as they are dangerous for the environment. 

Prevent slow toilet flushing

When the toilets in the home flush slowly, bubble, or can not flush at all, you may have septic system issues on your hands. Pumping the septic tank when it gets full will prevent flushing issues.

Prevent foul, sulfuric odours

Recurring septic tank pumping can help to prevent foul odors from stinking up the home. A full septic tank can make toxic sulfur, often resulting in a rotten egg smell from the pipes. If the stench intensifies when you walk outside by the septic tank, the raw sewage is likely to have escaped.

Save money with the septic tank pumping costs

Septic tank pumping costs may vary relying on the septic tank size; regardless of the cost, you must save money in the long-term plan. Regular septic tank pumping helps to enhance the tank’s lifespan and ensures everything is running smoothly, so you do not encounter unforeseen issues. Septic tank repair can be costly if you are concerned with the maintenance’s time, energy, and money.

Proper tank maintenance prevents damage

If you do not take care of the septic tank without proper maintenance, your tank can not perform at the highest level, which will be susceptible to sometimes irreparable damage, which can cost thousands of bucks to amend.

Protect your property

The septic tank cleanout is imperative because it can affect the property. A damaged and clogged tank can lead to extensive damage, impacting your health. Regularly maintaining the septic tank prevents issues and decreases the severity. Cleaning and maintaining your tank will not flood nearly as much.

Increases your property value

Apart from minimizing damages, regular septic maintenance can be financially advantageous in terms of possessions value. A home with a hygienic tank is very reasonable.

Potential homeowners will likely question your tank and request a maintenance history if you want to sell the home. You would not like an unmaintained septic tank to be the reason your sale falls through, so in every way, it would be beneficial, to facilitate regular cleaning of the septic tank in Molalla


Enjoy many benefits of septic tank pumping by scheduling a service appointment today. American on-site Septic is a septic maintenance company that excels at providing septic pumping services in Molalla.

We offer septic tank pumping inspections to protect your home from hazardous and expensive emergencies.

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