Things Pet Owners Should Know About Septic System Service

Septic Systems in Sherwood are one of the most common types of wastewater treatment used by homeowners, including pet owners. While having pets can provide joy and companionship, they can also have an effect on the septic system. Pet waste fur or any other debris can accumulate in the septic tank and potentially cause problems if not properly managed. As a pet owner, it is crucial to be aware of a few things about the septic system to ensure the health and longevity of the septic system. 

An efficient and functional septic tank is a much-needed asset for any household. It is the place where all the wastewater from your home goes. It includes the water from the toilet, sinks, showers, and laundry. Homeowners must strive to keep the septic system in tip-top shape. The pet owners must take extra care of the septic system. Read the article to know how you can take care of the septic system. 

1. Pet Hair

Your furry friend’s fur is probably one of the major reasons behind the clogged septic tank. It takes a lot of time for the breakdown, so while the hair enters the drain system, the fur clogs the pipe.

As a result, wastewater will have to go back up into the home. To prevent such a problem, brush your pet and get rid of all the loose hair. Since pets shed most fur while bathing, invest your money in buying a drain cover or a screen to catch the hair before it enters the system. 

2. Pet food

Like any human food, pet food also contributes to the blocked system. It expands while mixed with water. When it happens inside the septic tank, the food can take up too much space. Accordingly, all these bits of pet food can clog the pipes, and that will prevent wastewater from draining properly. 

3. Pet products

You have to be mindful of what kind of chemicals are used in the pet products. Some products contain harsh chemicals that can kill the helpful bacteria inside the septic tank. All these bacteria help break the solid waste, so the system won’t function properly without the bacteria. Therefore, use eco-friendly products around the home. 

4. Cat litter

Do not flush or pour down the cat litter in drains; even though it is labeled as a biodegradable one, it can not break down in a septic system. It can cause wastewater backup and septic tank overload. The best way to dispose of cat litter is to seal it in a bag and throw it. 

5. Dry Kibble

Your septic system can not flush hard substances, and dry kibble falls into this category. Additionally, these pellets will absorb the liquid and expand while they go through the pipes, creating a congealed mess. In case you have to dispose of dry kibble, throw it in the trash. 

Tips to Protect Septic System From Pet Waste

Here are some of the tips and tricks you can follow to protect the septic system from pet waste: 

  • Clean up the pet waste on a regular basis. Pet waste contains harmful bacteria as well as parasites which can contaminate the septic system and cause health hazards. Make sure to promptly pick up the pet’s waste and properly dispose of it. 
  • Make sure not to flush pet waste down the toilet or dispose of it in the septic system. Instead of that, bag it and put it in the trash. 
  • In case you have a dog or a cat, consider using a pet waste disposal system, such as a dog waste station or pet waste septic system. All these types of systems will help you to dispose of pet waste safely and efficiently. 
  • In case you have multiple pets, consider training them to go for a specific area in the yard to minimize the amount of waste that accumulates in the yard.
  • While cleaning up the products, use pet-friendly cleaning products, which are safe for your septic system. Make sure that you are not using any harsh chemicals which can harm the bacteria in your septic system. 
  • Pumping the tank and having the professional inspect the septic system can prevent problems caused by pet waste and make sure the septic system is functioning properly. 

Call American On-Site Septic

The Septic tank system has a major role in the entire sewage system of the property. So you need to take care of it, and regular maintenance is necessary. For that, American On-Site Septic is here to help you with septic system service in Sherwood. You can contact us directly or fix an appointment with our experts. 



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