When and How to get a Septic Inspection done?

You might be asking yourself why you should have a septic inspection. First, the septic tank is one of the most costly components in a home and the most difficult component to replace.

A malfunctioning septic system can lead to an expenditure of tens of thousands of dollars. A faulty septic system can also cause issues with septic pumping Molalla and unpleasant odors. You should find out if there is a leak in your roof or a crack in your foundation. It’s just as important to check the condition of a home’s septic system.


When your septic needs an inspection?

Most of the time, when you’re trying to sell your house, you’ll require to get your septic system inspected.  It’s the same when you’re looking to purchase an existing home with the Septic system.

Septic inspections are an everyday requirement when buying or selling a home with septic, and the rule of thumb is that a buyer must engage a septic inspector to conduct the inspection. The inspection involves looking for pests and examining the condition of the home’s septic system. Because this is among the most crucial elements of your new house, you must have it.

Full inspections play a vital function in keeping you and everyone else living on your property fit and secure. The inspections aren’t expensive or time-consuming. Therefore, they must be scheduled regularly. Most homeowners neglect their tank until there’s a problem.

It could be too late. Septic tanks are responsible for the charge of the waste and water from your sinks, toilets, showers, and washing machines. It filters water before distributing it, with the primary goal of reducing soil and water pollution. Septic service Newberg suggests checking your septic tank once every three years, as this procedure is usually part of the pumping of your septic tank.

Pumping and inspecting are essential to ensure a tank is in good functioning condition and well-maintained. Regular septic tank inspections are much less expensive than repairing or replacing the septic tank. In addition, this is an investment worth it over the long term, without any doubt.


Hire a Professional for Septic Inspection

To avoid problems, get your septic system examined by a certified septic service provider and follow their recommendations on how you must clean the tank. Other septic systems with mechanical components, such as pumps, should be checked every year, at a minimum or more often as suggested by the company.


A septic tank contractor can:

  • Find your septic system and the access holes
  • Inspect the port and check whether the internal slabs or tees (baffles) remain in good shape.
  • If your system includes an effluent filtration system, look at it to determine whether it requires to be cleaned. (Some filters come with alarm systems that alert the homeowner that the filter requires cleaning.)
  • Flush your toilets
  • Look for indicators of wastewater or sewage backup
  • Take measurements of sludge and scum layers
  • Find any leaks
  • Check for mechanical components if there are any
  • Recommended tank cleaning (pump the tank) If needed
  • Inspect the ground above the drain field to see if there is any sogginess or ponding. These may indicate poor drainage, a blocked system, or excessive water use. The contractor could recommend an inspection of the drain field as a separate step.



Do not hesitate to contact certified inspectors at American On Site Septic to perform an extensive inspection and septic system installation in Wilsonville for you. Our specialists will give you all the details and advice you require to make an informed decision when you buy a house with a pre-installed septic tank.



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